Spring Energy- Awesome Sauce

We love this pocket food, which is made from REAL food.
There is a reason is called "Awesome Sauce", because it is *awesome*!

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Product Details/Features:

  • Perfect for bikers who want to fuel in a healthy way, our Spring Energy gel Awesome Sauce is free of added sugars and artificial ingredients
  • Composed of balanced carbohydrates to prevent your digestive system overload, our Spring Energy gels for running load you with a significant amount of carbs without being wary of stomach issues
  • With ingredients that are unlikely to give allergic reactions or cause problems for those with food sensitivities, our energy gel for cycling is highly energizing with a mouth-watering apple pie taste
  • Designed for highly intense workouts, our gel is a supplement that's quickly processed and metabolized by your cells; Easy to open and use while biking
  • It has a silky texture consistency that make them a great biking fuel; Power gel that's a great-tasting snack to help you perform at the highest level
  • Comes in a pack of 20

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