Why Donate?

Why Donate? 

1. Help Build GravelBikeAdventures.com
Beyond ensuring the future of our website, your contributions will help grow and improve Gravel Bike Adventures as a unique women-focused and inclusive resource for the gravel community. This ranges from increasing our outreach to quality contributors, adding new website features and expanding accessibility and reach to our target community.

2. Expanded Routes, More Inspiration, and a Bigger Community to Engage With
We want to concentrate our efforts on posting quality gravel routes that are curated and recommended by rad women who regularly get out there and ride the dirt. We also want our routes to be accessible to everyone, and help riders feel connected, included and informed enough to inspire adventures. Your support and input will enable us to continue pushing our high content standards and expanding our network of contributors and users.

3. Banner Ads and Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Sustainable
With ad blockers, insta-marketing, and the erosion of online advertising rates, securing banner advertising is challenging, especially for what many consider a niche activity. It is simply unsustainable as our sole source of funding. While we currently have some ads and affiliate companies (and we greatly appreciate our advertisers!), we make don’t make enough from these things to sustain the website in any meaningful way. Ultimately, we feel the future of this website depends on our loyal community of users.

4. Donor Benefits
We'll definitely send you a GBA sticker 😉, but more importantly we'll pass along any discounts we have from collaborating/supporting companies that we have a relationship with.

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Our suggested donation is $25, however we are grateful for any amount that suits your budget.
Thank you!