Babettes Bakery Groad

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Boulder, CO
Date Published:
December 6, 2020
Gravel Ratio:
65% G / 35% P
Difficulty Rating:
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Babettes Bakery is AMAZING. If you like a coffee stop mid-ride, this one is exceptional and not to be skipped. (It will be at about mile 14.) During the time of Covid-19, make sure you have a face covering so that you can go to the ordering counter.

Since group rides have been mostly cancelled due to the coronavirus, it was nice to ride with a small group of friends (with social distance and face coverings). Although we were having so much fun chatting, we initially missed the turn off onto 83rd because we weren’t paying attention to our Wahoos! 🙄

Kelly had never been on these trails and it was fun to teach her the tricks of getting over those intimidating raised cattle guards and then cheer her on as she bravely sailed over one for the first time.

Besides those cattle guards (which can be skipped if you want to slow down and open a gate), there are zero technical aspects to this route.


We really didn’t have a low except Rose says that it was a big bummer that Babettes Bakery doesn’t have any gluten-free options. It was painful for Rose to watch everyone else enjoy baked goods!!

There was a little bit of snow and ice on small portions of the trails, but it didn’t slow us down one bit. (It has been two weeks since the last snow.)

On the Eagle Trail there were plenty of walkers and dogs (a few of them off leash… 👎🏻), but it is to be expected on the weekends. If you want less traffic to contend with, try this route on a weekday.

Do this ride if you want an easy mixed surface route that makes for a great social ride with friends.

Other Notes:

There is a bathroom at the Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead parking lot, where we started.
Keep in mind that Babettes Bakery does not have public bathrooms to use right now due to COVID-19.

We started this ride at the Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead. We did this ride on a Sunday around 11:00 am, and the parking lot was overflowing and people had started to park on Longhorn Rd.
An alternative parking place would be the Lefthand Trailhead off Neva Rd. where we’ve never had an issue parking. (You’d just follow the Lefthand Trail to where it connects with the Eagle Trail which might add a mile or two.)

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Laura & Rose

Laura Karpinski and Rose Barcklow are the creators of Gravel Bike Adventures. Click on the About page to learn more about them.

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