Adventures in Austin- Lockhart Gravel Ride

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Lockhart, TX
Date Published:
March 13, 2019
Gravel Ratio:
95% G / 5% P
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Thanks to a great Lockhart gravel ride recommendation and bikes from Cycleast, we had an opportunity to get outside Austin city limits and really experience some Texas country gravel roads. We highly recommend Cycleast as the “go to spot” in Austin for cycling. Check out our last blog on the Salsa bikes and Austin City gravel ride.


It was a very easy and direct 30 min. drive to get to the Lockhart gravel ride start from East Austin.

The first half of the ride was approximately 75% gravel/25% pavement with little to no car traffic (more turtles crossing the roads than cars!). When we did see any vehicles, they waved, slowed down and gave us lots of room. We loved seeing all the sweet, shy cows that ran away as if they didn’t quite know what we were.

We had heard rumors that there were lots of loose farm dogs in the Texas countryside so we were very happy to discover that all the snarling dogs we encountered on this ride were safely behind fences!

It was beautifully green and spring-like with things flowering in mid-march. This ride reminded us of our favorite farm/country roads around Boulder, CO (minus the big mountains in the distance).


Approximately 75% pavement on the second half of the ride.

Stinky smells in the vicinity of petroleum drilling sites.

The high temperature (85º) made this ride more exhausting than it could have been. (Most of this ride is extremely exposed with very little shade and there are only a few places to stop to refill water along the way.)

Do this ride if you want a taste of beautiful rural Texas countryside. Ideally, do the Lockhart gravel ride if it’s cooler than 75º with cloud cover and no chance of thunderstorms.

Other Notes:

Around mile 29 there is a town called Luling with a couple of gas stations for refueling.

If you are into Texas BBQ we hear some the best is in Lockhart. (Black’s BBQ, Smitty’s Market, Kreuz Market.)

We parked right across from the Caldwell County Museum and behind a Walgreens. We were able to use the restroom and get cold water in Walgreens prior to the ride.

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Laura & Rose

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