Group Ride Details


SBT GRVL Training Ride

May 24, 2023
8:00 am
REI, Denver

As 2023 ambassadors of STB GRVL, we are happy to organize and lead the Denver community in local training rides.

We predict that the weekday rides will be a smaller group of riders and therefore, we will have the flexibility to be more casual and "go with the flow" depending on weather and the group's desires. Regardless, we will always start with a solid plan, and most likely start the rides from the Denver area.

This week's Wednesday ride will meet up at Confluence Park, outside the Starbucks in REI
Be there at 8:45 am to meet other riders.
Wheels down at 9:00 am sharp. (We will wait no more than 5 min. If you find yourself running late please text Laura at 303-726-4774 and meet us further long the route.)


Distance: 50.1 miles  
Elevation Gain:  1,689 ft.
Gravel Ratio: 55% Gravel / 45% Paved
Route on Strava:
Link to GPX File

Route Description: 
From REI, we'll head out on roads to Crown Hill Park where there is a little bit of dirt trails. The route continues on the paved trails of the Clear Creek, Ralston bike path, Croke Canal Trail, and Little Dry Creek trail to get to dirt at Standly Lake. We return primarily on the Little Dry Creek Trail and Clear Creek Trails as well as roads.
We will bike right past Little Man Ice Cream on the the way home so we can make a stop there for a treat!

Other  Notes:
If you are attending any of our group rides, you MUST fill out our liability waiver, which can be signed HERE.

* All genders are welcome.

* While this is a group ride, you are 100% responsible for yourself. Please bring enough hydration and fuel for the ride as well as sunscreen or anything else you might require. Be prepared for varying conditions and weather like heat, cold, rain, snow, etc. Make sure your bike is in good working order and you have the supplies to fix a mechanical issue or flat. Helmets required. 32mm width (or wider) and tubeless tires strongly recommended.