Group Ride Details


Pedal Group Gravel Ride

May 6, 2023
10:15 am

Meet at Pedal Bike Shop of Littleton (2640 W Belleview Ave #100, Littleton, CO 80123)
Be there at 10:00am to meet other riders, and stop in the bike store for last min supplies.
Wheels down at 10:15am

If you are attending any of our group rides, you MUST fill out our liability waiver, which can be signed HERE.

Route info:
Distance: 34.6 miles  
Elevation Gain: 815 ft.  
Gravel Ratio: 80% Gravel / 20% Paved
Route on Strava:
Route on RWGPS:
Link to GPX File

Route Description: 
This is a beginner/intermediate ride which may not be suitable to a new-to-gravel riders. (We say this mostly because of the fact that we won’t have specific pace leaders or sweeps.)
This route could just as easily be called the "Pleasantville Fun Route", as it is a super enjoyable tour of some of Cherry Hills and Cherry Heights most beautiful and manicured real estate. As you roll along the shaded, crushed gravel of the High Line Canal Trail, you'll see picture-perfect horse properties, mansions with tennis courts and pools, as well as some lovely views of open fields/parks, mountains, and a few little ponds.
The tour continues on the Cherry Trail system which feels like secret alleyways that go past more beautiful neighborhoods.The Cherry Trail is a hidden gem for gravel bikers with a fun off-roading feel to it. Expect to encounter single track, double track, and some grassy areas that don't have much of an established path at all. In most cases, you will be flanked on both sides by fences and will see private property signs, but as long as you stay on the trail you are on public property trails for everyone to enjoy.

Other notes: 
While you are rarely traveling with cars, the route does cross a few busy streets. In many cases there are cross walks with lights or underpasses, but you do have to be aware, slow down and wait for a safe time to cross. (There are underpasses for the crossings at University although the one at mile 16 is super easy to miss and is not clearly marked coming from that direction.) Because there are lots of turns and some of the trails seem to hide in plain sight, this route is one where you must have a bike computer or phone to navigate. We recommend zooming in tight to avoid losing your way.

All genders are welcome.
The ride is NOT no-drop, rather, come prepared with the route loaded on your bike computer or phone.
There won’t be specific pace group ride leaders or sweeps, but riders will be able to ride with similarly paced cyclists.
While this is a group ride, you are 100% responsible for yourself. Please bring enough hydration and fuel for the ride as well as sunscreen or anything else you might require. Make sure your bike is in good working order and you have the supplies to fix a mechanical issue or flat. Helmets required. 32mm width (or wider) and tubeless tires strongly recommended.

If weather permits, we'll stop at Breckenridge Brewery on the way back for a chance to socialize and grab a drink outside. It's a slight detour from the route at mile 33.4, taking a left instead of a right.