Group Ride Details


Pedal Group Gravel Ride

July 15, 2023
8:00 am

Meet at Pedal Bike Shop of Littleton (2640 W Belleview Ave #100, Littleton, CO 80123)
Be there at 7:45am to meet other riders, but keep in mind that the bike store will be closed. Come prepared with what you need.
Wheels down at 8:00am

If you are attending any of our group rides, you MUST fill out our liability waiver, which can be signed HERE.

TAKE TWO. We attempted this route last month but got rained out, so we'll try it agiain this month!
Route info:
Distance: 40.47 miles  
Elevation Gain: 1,761 ft.  
Gravel Ratio: 65% Gravel / 35% Paved
Route on Strava:
Route on RWGPS:
Link to GPX File

Route Description: 
This is an Intermediate ride which may not be suitable to beginner gravel riders. (We say this mostly because of the distance and for the fact that we won’t have specific pace leaders or sweeps. This route has a decent little dirt climb up to a lookout point, but nothing terribly technical. Expect some washed out sections on the East/West trail, some rutted trails, possible mud, a little single track and a few steep pitches.) 

We’ll stick around afterwards for a post-ride beer at Living the Dream Brewery on the way home (at approximately mile 29 / 10ish miles from the finish).

Other notes: 
* On a Sunday morning, the trails will be used by pedestrians and dog walkers. Please be kind, give people room and call your pass.
* Lee Gulch is narrow and winding in places. Slow down, ride single file and use caution on blind curves.
* Both Lee Gulch and High Line trails cross roads. In most cases, there are crosswalks and/or signals. Be sure to stop and make sure traffic is clear before crossing.
* On the High Line, there are underpasses that are paved. It’s tempting to follow the gravel, but please follow the map and use those underpasses to avoid crossing heavily trafficked roads.
* The East/West trial is a lovely, flowy out and back gravel trail section, but it does have some washed out sections and general trail damage in places due to all the recent rain. Use caution and ride single file.
* On the way home, you will cross the railroad twice right before entering Chatfield State park at approximately mile 29. The first crossing is signed and intuitive. The second requires getting off and walking your bike (and look for trains!). Follow the map closely in this area

* If you want a few more miles and more elevation you can go all the way to the Bluffs. Longer route here:

All genders are welcome.
The ride is NOT no-drop, rather, come prepared with the route loaded on your bike computer or phone.
There won’t be specific pace group ride leaders or sweeps, but riders will be able to ride with similarly paced cyclists.
While this is a group ride, you are 100% responsible for yourself. Please bring enough hydration and fuel for the ride as well as sunscreen or anything else you might require. Make sure your bike is in good working order and you have the supplies to fix a mechanical issue or flat. Helmets required. 32mm width (or wider) and tubeless tires strongly recommended.