Kulie™ Clutch Purse / Handlebar Bag

Kulie Bike bag company is a rad Seattle-based, woman-owed small business that we love and support! The bags are European design inspired and are perfect for both a beginner gravel cyclist as well as the hard-core gravel enthusiast!


The Kulie Clutch Purse / Handlebar Bag was designed for quick jaunts or all-day rides. Weighing only 200gm, it has a tiny footprint but big impact – it can easily hold your phone, snacks, and more.

This bag has hand molded hard side panels to keep contents secure and to give it the refined shape of a clutch. It snaps easily on and off the bicycle with simple, strong Velcro that stays put even over bumpy wash-boards.

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Product Details/Features:

  • Light weight, tiny form factor ideal for either a short jaunt or all-day rides
  • Two point velcro attach compatible with all handlebar formats
  • Hand molded hard side panels for maximum security of your possessions
  • Comes in stylish black or grey design
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